DBsign Maintenance Subscriptions

Perpetual License Holders

The Standard Annual Maintenance subscription entitles the Licensee to issue support calls/emails with same day responses during normal working hours Mondays through Fridays, to receive new releases and patches for the applicable major version during the covered period, and to receive discounts of 15% on purchases of upgrades or additional licenses of DBsign.  In addition, the Licensee is entitled to up-to-date technical and training documentation.  The maintenance covers all software provided by Gradkell in support of DBsign including but not limited to third party software such as Apache Tomcat.  Support contact information can be found HERE.

Gradkell Systems, Inc. is currently the sole reseller of the DBsign Data Security Suite software developed and owned by Gradkell Computers, Inc.  Gradkell Systems, Inc. is also the sole provider of maintenance services for the DBsign Data Security Suite.

OEM License Holders

As the direct interface with third parties to which DBsign is bundled and sold, the Customer will be responsible for delivering DBsign software to third parties and providing telephone-based installation support to the third party. The Customer will provide Tier 1 technical support to third-party users of DBsign, with Tier 1 technical support defined as standard telephone, email, or other electronically based technical support related to routine DBsign product issues identified and reported to the Customer by third-party users. The Customer will also be responsible for responding to third-party users regarding Tier 2 and Tier 3 technical support issues, with detailed assistance from Gradkell product experts. Tier 2 and Tier 3 technical support issues are defined as those issues requiring a higher level of technical support, involving Gradkell subject matter experts, programmers, engineers, and others required to provide the Customer and third-party DBsign users with detailed explanations, workarounds, software bug fixes, and software patches to address non-routine issues reported by third-party DBsign users.
Gradkell will be responsible on an ongoing basis for providing the Customer with accurate, up-to-date documentation, training materials, and other technical resources and guidance necessary to deliver, install, train, and support DBsign software for third parties. Included in this is the requirement for Gradkell to provide the Customer with effective, updated documentation, training, and other technical support resources necessary to equip the Customer’s technical support staff to address Tier 1 support issues related to DBsign, as well as to assist in identifying appropriate responses to Tier 2 and Tier 3 issues reported by third-party users.
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